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Looking for a way to help out and give back to your community? Consider joining the Linesville Volunteer Fire Department! We are always looking for new members. Even just a few hours of your time can make a difference and help in providing countless invaluable services to your local community. If you live in the Linesville, Pennsylvania area and are interested in joining, please see any current member for more information and an application packet. You can also give us a call at 814-683-5411 or visit the station at 200 Penn Street in Linesville. All necessary training and equipment is provided at absolutely no charge to you! If you don’t live in the Linesville area and are interested in joining your local fire/rescue and/or EMS agency, we can also help direct you to the correct person to contact in your area.

New regular member application process:

1. Complete all required application materials and submit to the fire chief.

2. Fire chief reviews application materials and submits for review at the next monthly business meeting. Meetings are currently held the first Thursday of each month.

3. Application will either be approved by the business officers for probationary member status, postponed pending the submission of additional application materials, or denied.

4. Once application is approved, member will be notified by the fire chief to set up a meeting time to review basic procedures and training requirements, and to issue necessary equipment.

5. Following the completion of a three month probationary period, new member will be evaluated by fire chief and request for approval to regular member status will be submitted at the next monthly business meeting.   

Required application materials for regular members (updated forms available at the station and coming soon to the website):

Have a son or daughter interested in joining the volunteer fire department?

Our junior firefighter program is designed for high school students ages 14-18.


Linesville Volunteer Fire Department

A volunteer fire protection and ambulance company serving the communities of Linesville, Conneaut Township and Pine Township in northwestern Pennsylvania.

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