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1980 Chevrolet Bruin / FMC

Seated 2

1,000 gallon tank

1,500 GPM pump

Originally known as Truck 6.

Officially retired in 2014.

Currently operated by Hudson Creek Fire District 6

in Colfax, Louisiana.

1997 Ford Econoline / Lifeline Ambulance

Basic life support (BLS) equipped.

Originally known as Car 15.

Officially retired in 2012.

Currently operated by Conneaut Lake Area Ambulance Service

in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.

1980 Ford Econoline

Basic life support (BLS) equipped.

GMC Sierra

Seated 3

Brush fire skid unit


Seated 2

Front Mount Pump

International B190

Seated 2

Jim Bean High Pressure Fog System

1940s DUKW Amphibious Vehicle

Water rescue unit.

Known as “The Duck”.


Currently stored in our station and used as a parade unit.

Historical information wanted:

If you would like to contribute to the historical record of the Linesville Volunteer Fire Department, including photos and information regarding our retired apparatus, please send an email to: webmaster@linesvillvfd.org.

Linesville Volunteer Fire Department

A volunteer fire protection and ambulance company serving the communities of Linesville, Conneaut Township and Pine Township in northwestern Pennsylvania.

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